So after brewing for almost 10 years, two high school mates from Melbourne’s inner west decided enough was enough, and it was time to step things up from supplying family, friends and random events, to something a little more, well “serious” isn’t really a fitting word to describe these two, but maybe “more focused” works.

Originally they took to the world as Scoundrel Brewing and everything was great; they had no idea what they were doing but still -great, awesome, plans were falling into place, forms had been filled out, applications were getting approved, marketing was coming together and best of all Scoundrels from around Melbourne were coming out of the woodwork approving of their beer. Life was bliss, busy, busy, bliss, everything was “on track”. Well, if there was actually ever a plan, then everything would have really been “on track” and probably “on time” too.

The only thing that wasn’t on track was the niggling knowledge that whilst things were progressing well, the name wasn’t exactly “registered”. Sure they’d had a bit of a trademark search and all seemed to be clear, so why not wait 12 months to register your name? You know after you figure out you’re past that no return point, for instance, well after the second cease and desist letter they realised that IP law was a bit of a tricky beast and perhaps not consulting an expert was a bit of a "Bonehead" move.

Interestingly enough, whilst that realisation shone a bit of a light on what was really a series of other Bonehead moves, it did not tune them in to predicting or avoiding any upcoming Bonehead moves. Sooner or later though they realised how fitting the name was, and we’re pretty sure it’s all registered now.

So to us, Bonehead is about that “how hard can it be?” moment and the decision to step forward without a clue, and simply make it up as you go…!

OK, so are we all Boneheads then?

Short answer is yes, sometimes, and no -as if you’d admit you’re a Bonehead!